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Culture of People Willingly Infecting Innocents With The Aids Virus Is Very Rampant And Must Stop

Aids has been a scourge in Kenya that has hit the country hard for so many years.Many families have been left broken due to the effects that this killer disease has and this is not about to change due to new infections happening daily among the young and old at alarming rates.

This past weekend has left many in abject horror as to the goings on in our current society as people are infecting innocents with no remorse at all. There is a culture of ' some one infected me now i have to infect others too'.

A nurse on one of Xtian Dela's stories came out to warn how young people are carrying the disease.Stories of people ignoring using protection and judging their intended partners positivity or negativity to the AIDS Virus just by looking at them has led to many cases of infections.

The stories on Xtian Dela's Instagram stories this weekend have left many shocked as the truth of how our friends and family members are carrying this dreaded disease due to innocent trysts and short meetings that have changed the lives of so many will leave you scared to meet anyone of the opposite sex.

Men and Women alike are spreading this killer disease during dating and short coupling sessions with the stories Kenyans are telling which can only be termed as horrific .Check out a few of these posts and make sure you spread them to make people are aware of the current rot in the society.

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