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3 Diseases That Causes People To Gain Weight Within A Short Period Of Time

It is high time we as Kenyans stop associating gaining weight with good lifestyle or being rich. The person in question may be suffering from certain deadly diseases which have this side effects. Such diseases are what we are here to discuss; 1. Heart Failure

You may ask yourself how does heart failure cause a considerable weight gain?. Well we all know that the heart pumps blood to all body parts and when it fails to do it's job, most body tissues will retain fluids which will in turn reflect as weight gain.

This weight gain is different from others as it will be characterized by swellings on the feet, hands and stomach. There are other well known symptoms of heart failure that I have not touched on.

2. Diabetes

Different types of diabetes have different effects on the weight of a person. Type one diabetes tend to make one loss weight but the second types leads to weight gain.The blood sugar levels in the body causes a patient to eat more and also the insulin may also cause excessive eating.

3. Liver or Kidney Failure

During the initial stages of either kidney or liver failure, the patient may gain weight considerably. Water retention in the body tissues is the main reason for this. The kidney is responsible for removing waste materials from the body and when it fails fluids and toxins would be retained.

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