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Risk ways of having HIV and AIDS and it's prevention measures.

HIV and AIDS can be transmitted from one person to another. The following are examples of how HIV and AIDS can be transmitted and prevention measures.

1. Sex intercourse.

One can get HIV and AIDS though anal or vagina sex. This is when one of the partner is positive and can easily pass the virus to his/her partner. This is because vagina fluids and blood can carry HIV.

Prevention measures includes;

Using condoms during unprotected sex.

Get tested both you and your partner.

Be monogamous by having one partner.

Have pre-exposure prophylaxis incase you had unprotected sex.

2. Transmitted from a mother to her baby.

If a pregnant mother is having HIV, she can easily transmit the virus to her unborn baby.

Prevention measures includes;

Pregnant women should be tested and if positive they should start medication.

Women should avoid Breastfeeding her baby.

3. Sharing of needles and injection.

There are high risk of transmitting HIV and AIDS virus though sharing of needles. If in any case you use a needle or injection being used by a HIV positive person,the you are likely to get the virus.

Prevention measures includes;

Avoid sharing needles and injection.

After using needles or any sharp objects, throw it in a pit.

Avoid using drugs substance especially for injection.

There are other ways that HIV virus can be less or little be transmitted. This includes oral sex, deep kissing incase one has a would in his/her mouth and body tattoos. It is very important for one to be careful from getting the virus since there are no cure for HIV and AIDS.

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