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Motherhood Is Sweet!!

Motherhood has been a one interesting journey from the word go. I remember when filling the clinic book, there's this place where you write whether or not you are married, since it was a mission hospital and a Catholic Nun was there with me, I wrote 'Married' thinking she would start lecturing me on why I got pregnant before marriage if I wrote there 'single'. The next part, I was to write his name and I deliberately skipped that part. It felt like writing a History exam.

You know he was named after 'Freedom fighters'. The next time I visited clinic, I got attended to by another nurse who asked me where my husband was and I quickly said "Sina bwana"(i don't have a husband). She then asked me why I had filled the place as 'Married' in that book and I told her that the last time I was there, I got attended to by a Catholic Nun and I didn't want to 'disappoint' a woman of God. She then looked at me keenly and said "I am also a Nun. I just don't have my veil on. Carol, there's nothing wrong about carrying a pregnancy on your own, sometimes we make mistakes, but we learn from them. Accept your situation and be proud of who you are. You shall rise above the heartbreak but only if you accept your mistakes and learn from them." I looked at her in shock and said, "Thank you." I then took that book and crossed the 'Married' and wrote 'Single' then gave it back to her. After about 5 minutes of her jotting down some things in the book, she gave it back to me and ushered me to the doctor. The doctor looked at the book, then me, then the book, then me again and said. "Are you married or single? I can see here you first wrote 'married' then crossed it out and wrote 'single'. Carol, don't let morning sickness make you disown your husband. I know he must have refused to help you do something in the house and you decided to cross this out and write that you are single." I looked at this doctor for seconds, he was quite young and handsome. He had his glasses on and a sparkle in his eyes. His right hand was holding my book and his left hand his stethoscope. I then sighed in relief and asked him "Will you marry me if I said I am single?" He looked at me in shock, smiled and jokingly said "Yes". I giggled and asked what his name was. He told me, Calvin Ken. I looked up to the ceiling and thought to myself, "dear Father of the orphans, husband of the husbandless. What did I ever do to deserve 'Freedom fighters'? I cannot be jumping from Bildad Kaggia to Tom Mboya. Do I look like Wangu wa Makeri?

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