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The Following Conditions Can Be Healed Upon Taking Boiled Garlic and Milk

Natural medicine have been employed since ancient times untill today.Other herbs are employed in manufacturing of modern pharmaceuticals.Similar to garlic,it is a well known plant that has many health benefits.

Milk and garlic are both household ingredients used to perform many functions for example milk is used in making of tea,drink and bake while garlic is a spice that is also medicinal.

Below being the benefits to our bodies when a mixture of garlic and milk are taken.

Garlic and milk both have antibacterial characteristics,so they can aid in preventing bacteria invading your body.Bacteria creates acne and pimples thus taking garlic and milk prevents pimples and acne in your skin and face.

Constipation and bloating can be relieved by drinking milk-garlic combo.Warm drinks such as milk and garlic can help prevent constipation and bloating.

Colds,flu and stuffy nose can be cured with garlic and milk.Drinking a glass full of milk and garlic can aid upon realising any of the above symptoms.

Garlic contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substance called allicin.This substance is very important to your health as it reduces inflammation which can lead to chronic ailments such as heart diseases thus a glass of garlic and milk aid in maintaining good hearth health.

To make the mixture a cup of water is needed,2 cups of milk,10 garlic glove and it is ready to be taken after 10-minute boil.Sugar or honey can be included to add taste.

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