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Pregnancy period

The Doctor Satisfactory Explanation For A Pregnant Woman Experiencing This Symptom

Are you a pregnant woman suffering from nose bleeding or have you ever witnessed an expectant lady nose bleeding?Then if your answer is yes,then i bet the explanation below from an experienced and knowledgeable doctor will automatically reduce the panic that always comes with such a symptom.

According to confirmed statistics carried on by doctor Christine from Nairobi,she says that for pregnant women they always have 30-50 percentage blood flow in their body as compared to a normal human being.She added that this blood is always needed for proper sustainance of the baby inside the womb.

Hard scratching of an irritating nose,staying in a house which is quite cold are among the reasons causing the nose bleeding and gum bleeding witnessed on expectant ladies.

If you wish to check on some of the ways on how to curb the above wanting symptom click on the link below to read the whole recommendations as shared by doctor Christine.

Content created and supplied by: Muruka (via Opera News )

Christine Nairobi


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