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Seek Medical Advice If You Experience These Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are serious conditions related to continous eating behaviours that negatively affect your health,your emotions and ability to function in important areas in life. The exact cause of eating disorders is not known.

Many people experience these eating disorders but they ignore as they think it's normal. These are the eating disorders that needs you to seek medical attention:

1. Skipping meals or not eating at all.

2. Having a very restrictive vegetarian diets.

3. Excessive focus on Healthy eating.

4. Making your own meal instead of eating what the other family members eat.

5. Worrying of complaining of being fat and talk of losing weight.

6. Always eating too much sweets or high-fat foods.

7. Using supplements to loose weight

8. Excessive exercises

9. Leaving during meals to use the toilet

10. Eating too much food.

11. Eating in secret.

Eating disorders can cause complications and some are life-threatening.

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