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Reasons Why You Should Not Throw Away Those Orange Peels

Lowers High Blood Pressure And Cholesterol

Orange peels are rich in hespedirin;which is a flavonoid that has been shown to have a major positive impact on the blood pressure and the cholesterol levels.

Studies conducted have found that polymethoxylated flavones (PMFs) which are found in orange peels work in lowering the cholesterol levels than many prescription drugs.

Prevents Allergies

Orange peels have a substance that prevent the release of histamine.Histamines are chemicals that cause allergic reactions.

This makes orange peels to be anti-allergic in nature which helps in the prevention of sneezing and a runny nose;which are symptoms that are caused by allergies.

They also help in removing phlegm this causing asthma.

Have Major Anti-inflammatory Properties

Orange peels have major anti-inflammatory properties that help in treating many digestion and gastro-intestinal problems such as diarrhea,heartburn and acidity.

Good For Oral Health

Orange peels are good for oral health as they work in whitening teeth and reducing sensitivity.The citrus in orange peels usually acts as a natural breath freshener.

Boosts The Immune System

Orange peels contain a high concentration of vitamin A and C;which are essential nutrient that strengthen your body's immune system and work in keeping a cough,cold and flu away.

Have Anti-Cancer Properties

Orange peels contain citrus flavonoids.The PMFs(Polymethoxyflavones) in orange peels have major protective effects against the occurrence of cancer.

PMFs work by inhibiting carcinogenesis through mechanisms such as the inhibition of the mobility of cancer cells in the circulatory systems.

Protects The Respiratory System

Orange peels contain beta-cryptoxanthin;which has proven to lower your chances of lung cancer.

Studies conducted have found that beta-cryptoxanthin in orange peels reduces the risk of lung cancer by nearly 27%.

Good For Digestive Health

Orange peels contain a lot of fiber and non- soluble polysaccharides;which assist food to easily move through your intestines better and make the digestion process greatly effective.

Cures Hangovers

Orange peels are greatly effective in curing a hangover.Taking orange peels tea works in getting rid of a hangover.

Reduces Weight

Orange peels assist in increasing your body's metabolism and burning fat from your body.

A large number of medical experts recommend orange peels as a cure for weight loss.

Good For Skin Health

Orange peels greatly assist in curing multiple skin problems such as dead cell s,acne,black heads,pores,dry skin and dark circles.It also helps in brightening your skin.

How To Use

To benefit,take some orange peels band dry them in the sun for around 3 days.When they are fully dry,going them in a blender or grinder till they are a powder form.Use the orange peel powder to make orange tea by adding the orange powder to boiling water.Let it simmer for around 3 minutes then sieve.Add a sweetener to this orange tea such as honey.

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