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Here is another Country which has never reported covid-19 cases since its onset

Covid-19 pandemic is one of the deadly disease in the world which has greatly undermined the economy of the world. Most countries have reported thousands of deaths due to this pandemic that until today is still a threat to the health sector especially that most people have not yet received their vaccination.

Tanzania, a country which is in East Africa was initially announced that they were not declaring the impact of Covid-19 including the daily cases. However, there are also some countries which have also not disclosed their covid-19 pandemic cases, they claim to have not witnessed any case so far.

According to report by citizen tv, Turkmenistan a former Soviet rebublic has home to nearly 6 million people is among atleast five countries in the world that have not announced any case.

Inside the country, freedom of press is victimized and people are not allowed to Criticize the government who faced severe punishment according to human rights watch.The country is bordering countries including Iran which have so far the highest cases of 5.5 million in their Continent

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