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Five Simple Exercises For Weight Loss

Many thing have happened since the pandemic. With gyms closed certain exercises cannot be done.

There are simple ones though that you can do while at home to help lose a couple of pounds.

Rope skipping

Many people think this is just for fun but skipping a rope can help you reduce some calories.

It is an effective whole body treatment and has been the key to some people's body changes.


This involves movement of the body to a beat. It also incorporates the whole body.

You can have fun while still exercising.

Using Pillows.

You can exchange that favorite roller by using Pillows.

Using it to go up and down can help lose belly fat and keep you fit.


You can do jumping jacks for thirty minutes at home. This is beneficial as it keeps you on the toes each and every time.

Due to its nature, you can do it as a family to bond and have fun.


This is a whole body workout. It refreshes you and tones the muscles.

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