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Common Symptoms That Your Kidneys Are Failing

Kidney failure is a gradual process and it often occurs in stages. The common Causes Kidney failure include; Infection, excessive blood or fluid loss, blood pressure drugs, some medication such as Aspirin, Naproxen, Celebrex and Ibuprofen, heart failure, serious dehydration and burns.

Kidney failure may be classified as Acute renal failure which is reversible or chronic kidney failure. Chronic Kidney Failure is irreversible because the disease had advanced.

Some of the most Common Symptoms That Your Kidneys Are Failing include

1. Decreased Urine Output even if you take lots of fluids.

2. Feeling excessively tired and fatigued

3 Confusion

4. Loss of appetite and Nausea

5. Feeling Drowsy and Shortness of Breath

6. Chest Pressure

7. Fever

8. Severe Stomach and Back pain

9. Nosebleeding

10. Seizures

11. Dark Urine resembling Coffee.

If you notice the above Symptoms, please visit your nearest health center for further check up and tests.

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