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What to Do to Avoid or Relieve Menstrual Pains

It is normal to experience menstrual cramps as a lady.This is due to the contraction and expansion of uterine walls for the ovaries to be released in form of blood.Those who are likely to experience such pains are;those with heaven flows,smokers,under 20years, irregular periods and if you have never given birth.Below are some of the natural ways you can adopt to help you releave cramps during your menstrual cycle;

1.Do exercises.

You can do Yoga or other exercises like walking, running among others.

2.Apply heat to your abdomen and lower back.

Place a heating pad or a hot water bottle on the abdomen.You can also take a warm bath or cover yourself with a hot towel in the places where you feel pain.

3.Avoid these foods.

Fatty foods,alcohol,carbonated beverages, caffeine,salty foods and sugar cause bloating and water retention which increases pain.

4.Use herbal remedies.

Try ginger and strawberries or drink mint and lemon water.Chamomile tea also helps by taking 2 cups per day a week before your period starts.Fennel seeds and cinammon are also good.

5.Do massage.

You can use lavender oil to massage areas around the abdomen and the back.

6.Drink water.

7.Eat these foods .

Plenty of fruits, proteins,dark chocolate,yogurt are rich in iron and magnesium which help in healing and repairing the tissues and also replace lost blood.

8.Buy over the counter drugs.

This should be painkillers and some brufein though you should not get used to them.

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