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Things you should never do in the morning.

Do not drink coffee.

Our bodies naturally produce a hormone called cortisol, which makes us feel more awake. But the caffeine in coffee usually interferes with our body's cortisol production, and overtime this can lead to us becoming more dependant on caffeine and produce less cortisol naturally.

Do not forget to exercise.

Research shows that as little as 20 minutes of moderate exercise boosts your mood for the next 12 hours. You should keep in mind that moderate means an average heart rate of between 110 and 120 beats a minute. So you should not go all hit on yourself.

Getting out of bed instantly.

Some people roll around in bed for a long time while some get out of bed instantly, neither of them is good for you. Waking up abruptly does not give your body enough time to adapt to waking. The way your body and mind works when you are asleep and when you are awake is a polar opposite. When you wake up, your body needs a few minutes to prepare for the awakened state. You do not have to lie in bed for a long time but only 2 minutes are enough.

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