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Skin Care

Causes of acne to both teenagers and adults

Reasonably acne is a hormonal condition that is caused by large production of androgen hormone.In most cases acne starts to show up during adolescent stage to both boys and girls and even later at adult years. Acne automatically lowers person's self esteem due to that large production of pimples.

The exact cause of acne is becoming hard to predict because people tend to have different misconceptions especially the ones related to application of some oil products and some of the food they consume daily.

These foods mostly include those related to dairy products,foods reach in Omega 6 and even meat.

As much as there are those myths acne is triggered by several things that is; Excess oil production by your body in form of sebum,dead skin which clogs your hair follicles,certain medications either prescribed or not, hormonal changes and stress.

It is recommended to visit your skin care expert incase the acne exceed .It is also advisable to use natural things on your face to avoid more and more acne on your body.

Do you experience any kind of acne in your body? Kindly share your views

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