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Have You Ever Wondered Why Dead Bodies Float On Water? See Why

The most painful thing is to lose your loved ones in water and you're being forced to wait until the body floats. Many people have been asking themselves why dead bodies float in water but they have never gotten any answer. People just assume that it's just a normal thing that must happen. Today I'm going to help you find the answers to your unanswered questions. Here are some of the reasons why dead bodies float in the water.

A living body floats in water because of the air in the lungs. He/she will drown if the air in the lungs has been replaced with water leading to death. Once the body has gone under the water, it will stay there until the bacteria in the gut and cavity are able to produce some gases that will make the body to float on the water. These gases include methane, hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide.

Presence of those gases will make the dead body to float on the surface of the water for some weeks. If the gases got depleted before the body is removed, the body might sink again. Decomposition will continue taking place underwater. The gases will be formed again making the body to float once more. Whereas some dead bodies float facing upwards, other float facing downwards.

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