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A Kind Hearted Doctor Shocks the World by Removing a Tumour from a Man's Face for Free

The world has changed the nature of people. People have become selfish, self centered and money centered to the point that helping others seems like a big deal. However, some incidents happen in the world that reinforces our faith in humanity. This is one of those incidents.

According to Times Now Digital news a kind hearted Doctor has earned rare praise on social media by successfully conducting an operation on a man's face to remove a "watermelon" sized tumor without charging any fee.

This incident has shocked many people who could not believe the kindness of the doctor because removing tumours always require large sums of money which many people can not afford.

Dr. Graves is a well known oral and facial surgeon. Charles was the name of the patient with the tumour. Although Charles claimed that the tumour was not painful, in less than a year it had grown so big that it began affecting his daily lifestyle.

When Dr. Graves immediately saw the tumour he took it upon himself as a challenge and decided to do it for free. The surgery was successful and now Charles can lead a normal life thanks to the kindness of Dr. Graves. The story has been shared on social media that it currently has over 8 million views on TikTok.

Incidents like this show that there is still some humanity left in people. May this be a gesture of good things to come with people helping each other out out of the goodness of their hearts. Dr. Graves, may God continue giving you a good life so that you continue touching the lives of others

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