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Kenyatta National Hospital Is Doing This To Visitors Who Flock Their Casualty Area At Night

Last week KNH released a memo that they will soon stop admitting inpatient and concentrate of refferals. Though this is for a positive approach towards enhancing quality, there is a section of people who felt that this will be inhumane especially to neighboring residents and who majorly rely on the facility.

The casualty area of the hospital is known to be always full with people. Even with the corona pandemic the section has always been full. To both sick and healthy the section takes care of all clients. For the past one week things seem to have taken a new approach, a bench outside the section has been having personnel serve one before proceeding to the casualty space. At night, people have been sneaking in and get shelter till dawn.

Now, the security personnel have been entitled to seriously search and identify clients with numbers. They are also issueing card numbers for entry. The move has grately reduced the section decongesting it and things are now moving about faster.

Those in the Casualty past the curfew hours are also escorted to the resource center section and it is here where they spend the night. Those sick are attended to in the normal procedure as the national facility offer a 24 hour service.

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