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Dangerous Things People Do At Night Before Going To Bed Without Knowing

Sleep is a moment of rest.

The idea behind sleeping is so that you can wake up fit, stronger and better than how you felt before the sleep.

If you wake up from sleep feeling worse than how you felt before sleeping, then, something is obviously wrong with you, it could be a health related issue or something else.

Researches conducted in the past, has proven that there are some weird practices we have adopted in the past, that seems to hamper our sleep and cause us harm instead of the intended.

Today, we will be looking at those things and furthering it, by dropping the ways to avoid rushing back to them.

1. Taking pills when you’re not having insomnia.

You must know that it is extremely dangerous to take sleeping pills when you’re not suffering from insomnia.2. Smoking before going to bed.

I am not advocating for smokers, but, if you’re so addicted to night smoking, make sure you do it two hours before going to bed.

Taking it after the secluded time will greatly hamper your sleep and give room for insomnia.

3. Exercising before going to bed.

Exercise is good for the body and for your health.

As a matter of fact, exercising helps to relieve stress and help you sleep better, but, that’s only when you do it 4-5 hours before your sleeping time.

Anything after that, will leave you unnecessarily agile, which will deter your successful sleep.

So you see? Exercising at the right time is the key4. Drinking water:

Water is good.

Water is essential.

Your body needs water as much as you need air to breath.

But, note, you shouldn’t take water in excess before you sleep.

If you need to drink enough water, do that several hours before you sleep.

Drinking excess water before bed time, will almost turn into a diabetic person, as you will be forced to wake up severally in the course of your sleep to urinate.

This will definitely hamper your beautiful sleep and leave you with eye bags in the morning.

5. Taking hot shower

Stop deceiving yourself, taking hot shower isn’t always the best.

You’re only advised to do this when the weather is extremely cold and chilly.

Aside that, bathing hot water at night before your bed time, increases your temperature, which isn’t good enough for your sleeping.

Basically, these are the things you should avoid doing some hours before your bedtime.

Content created and supplied by: Claysoil (via Opera News )


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