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Have you ever diagnosed of cataract in the eye? Use this combination to cure it permanently.

Cataract in the eye

There is no other part of the body where cataracts can occur except in the eyes. This is a disease that affects the eyes. It is usually advisable that you go for eye check up in order to know the present condition of the eyes. Cataracts is a deadly disease that can affect the eyes because it could lead to permanent blindness.

The first thing that you will notice is a blurry vision in both eyes which will deteriorate to temporary blindness and then permanent blindness if care is not taken.

When this happens, the doctors can only suggest surgery which may or may not go down well. But no fears or worries at all, the natural and herbal way to treat cataract without going blind is here.

The ingredients we need here are :


Dandelion leaf.

Surprised about onions, no need to be surprised, we all know that onions when chewed can be very painful to the eyes and can even bring out tears from the eye, how much more using it to treat the eye. The effect can even be more intense when the dandelion extract is added to it. They are just doing there work.


Get some onion bulbs

Peel the back and wash well

Then pour all of them in the blender well washed

Add a little distilled water to it and blend all together

Then sieve out the extract and keep.

This same method should be done for the dandelion leaf too so that the extract can be gotten.

Then mix the onion extract and the dandelion leaf extract together

Then drop the mixture in the eyes 2-3times a day, wash your eyes with clean water 40minutes after the drop. Do this for 2weeks for less serious cases and a month for severe cases.

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