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Over 1 Million People Lose Lives To Fossil Fuels Combustion According To The Latest Reports

The latest study report done by a group known as Pm2.5 showed that more than 1 million deaths in the year 2017 were attributable to fossil fuels combustion. 

Many countries have been trying a lot in recent years to reduce air pollution, but that hasn't been enough to reduce the impact on human health. Coal combustion claimed over 540,000 lives in 2017 alone, giving us a glance of how dangerously our lives have been exposed.

Windblown dust from the sahara desert claimed over three quarters of the total amount of precipitate in the air. Coal from fuel combustion made 16 percent meaning that things may worsen in the future if we all don't join our efforts in curbing air pollution.

The cooking stove was used as an example in the report of how small particles enter into the body block the lungs slowly until breathing becomes a problem. It's so saddening that many people from struggling countries in Africa are still using stoves due to poverty thus exposing their health.

Therefore, it's time that people wake and take care of each other by imposing pollution free practices.

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