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Government Announces Locking Trans NzoiaCounty Due To Rising Covid_19 Cases And Laxity In Vaccinations

Covid_19 disease has continued to spread in the country. This has neccesitated the government of Kenya to come up with measures to curb it's spread such as banning political gatherings, reducing the number of worshippers in places of worship e.t.c. The County Government of Trans Nzoia through the Deputy Governor Stanley Kenei has announced that it might be forced to limit free movement within their jurisdiction to curb the increasing number of cases.

The County might be forced to lock down to make sure thousands of Kenyans who have been given the first jab and refused to go for the second vaccination. This has forced the County Government to urge area chiefs and health officials to trace them and fish them out. This move by the locals has slowed down the uptake of vaccines putting those who have received the full vaccination at a higher risk.

The County government has said it will be forced to enquire from each traveller if he has been fully vaccinated before criss_crossing their County because many people have refused to be vaccinated. This comes a time United States of America and European countries have vaccinated their whole population and is opening their economy.

To enable foreign investment in the Country Deputy Govery Stanley says people should be fully vaccinated so that the investors may also feel safe from being infected. The Government of Kenya has made available vaccines and wants to vacvinate 10 million people so that it may open the economy fully. This comes as Covid_19 disease continue being a global problem.having deteriorated economy performance and leading to massive loss of lives.

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