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Everyday Habits that Can Cause You Heart Attack

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You must have heard more than once that somebody died of a heart attack. What you don’t know that heart attack usually occurs because of our everyday habits. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), heart attack takes place when a section of the heart muscles does not get adequate blood. When a heart attack occurs and it takes a long time before the blood flow is restored, the damage may be greater. Heart attack can be caused by various factors that cannot be controlled such as family history, age and everyday habits. 

Here are the daily habits that can expose you to heart attack;

1. Skipping exercise

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One of the best ways to keep a healthy heart is to do exercise regularly. Staying without working out can lead to greater levels of cholesterol and being overweight. Doing a regular exercise will help in maintaining the blood pressure at required levels and ensure the heart is in good health. With that you are likely to keep heart attack at bay. 

2. Eating out

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In most eat out joints, the foods taken usually contain high contents of fat and sodium. These are used to entice and bring more customers to the eateries. When you eat out regularly then these things are going to put your heart at risk. Another thing that can bring risks is that people tend to eat fast foods mostly at these places. The fast foods like chips can also come accompanied with unhealthy toppings. 

3. Drinking

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Though drinking occasionally is not going to lead to heart attack, having too much whiskey will negatively affect your heart health. Too much alcohol can increase the level of fats in the body and also increase the blood pressure. All these can increase your chances of heart disease. 

4. Smoking 

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According to the American Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), smoking is one of the greatest risks for heart disease and it constitutes a third of heart condition deaths. Each time one inhales the cigarette smoke they are putting more than 5000 chemicals in their body. Carbon monoxide is one of these chemicals and it reduces the oxygen levels in the red blood cells. This can damage the heart.  

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