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You Have Been Doing It Wrong, Here Is How To Sit On A Toilet Properly

According to studies, how we sit on the toilet has an impact on our health. Therefore, it's crucial to sit on it correctly. I would like to explain both the proper way to use a toilet and the incorrect way.

1. Squatting

Studies show that one of the finest postures is squatting. Your rectoanal canal becomes straight when your knees are bent. The body won't have to work as hard to urinate this manner.

2. Placing your feet on the floor when using the restroom

Studies have shown that squatting makes it much easier to empty the bowels than sitting does. The rectoanal canal won't be straight enough if your legs aren't fully extended, which will make it harder for you to urinate.

3. Placing your feet up on a footstool while using the restroom

It is deemed ideal to stand with your feet on a footstool and your knees higher than your hips. However, experts advise not focusing just on how your legs are positioned. It's advised that you keep your back straight, lean forward slightly with your elbows resting on your knees, and relax your tummy in addition to using a footstool.

4. Seated with the tank in view

For a number of reasons, this position is not the greatest option. First, normal defecation cannot be accomplished with your hips at the angle they are at with the rest of your body. Second, you can't lean forward as recommended by specialists. Third, you are less likely to unwind when you are facing the tank.

5. Bending over and facing the tank

When it comes to sitting on a toilet, you can try numerous odd positions, such as squatting while holding on to the tank. The outcome will be the same as when squatting normally. However, it's up to you to choose the posture in which you feel most at ease.

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