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7 Best Exercise To Gain Weight Quickly

When you workout you need to set personal goals on why you're going for the gym or morning routines before you go to work. Me personally I love working-out but not to be a body builder but to maintain that body physique. Doing an exercise is like shaping your body as you grow. If you're looking for ways to gain weight, here are the simple exercise you need to do on you daily basis.


Its a simple and well known exercise and its one of the functional exercise to gain weight. Squats can be done by both men and women right at your comfort zone. This kind of exercise will tone your glutes, hips, thighs and calves. It also engages your abdominal muscles and in this case you can maintain your body shape as you gain weight.

Push ups

Push ups will always be the best exercise for full body workout since it engages all the muscles in the body. Its the best exercise for the upper arms, strengthening the chest, shoulders, triceps and core muscles. Its considered a complete muscle-building exercise that can be practiced by both men and women.

Walking Launches

Walking launches is one of the best strength training exercise for both genders that can help to bulk up and enhance muscles mass in the lower part of the body. Its a simple exercise and you can do it right at your comfort zone at your own time setting.

Triceps Dips

This is one of the simplest exercise to gain weight. Women can get attractive and curvy figure jus by doing 10 reps of this triceps dips. It also build triceps muscles and abdominal muscles.

Pull ups

Pull ups are on of the most simple but tough exercise but it can give you best results in your muscles. Its one of the exercise that build your back muscles, biceps, triceps and shoulders. When you pull up you engage your abdominal muscles in this case you improve the strength of your entire core.


This is the most effective exercise to remove your belly fat and at the same time increasing the core strength. Reducing your belly fat will give good shape and healthy looking figure and to look more attractive mid-section.

Running or Brisk walking

Running does not require any equipment but personal motivation is the best thing when it comes to running/brisk walking. Its a full body workout since it focuses on the cardio and i this case it can bring remarkable changes in the body and enhance lean muscles naturally.

Thank you for reading, hope it helped you.

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