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Maajabu" Surgeons Have Recovered 5 Kilograms Of Nuts And Knives From Patient's Stomach

Human beings are supposed to eat food rich in protein, carbohydrates and vitamins. Normally, vitamins helps our bodies to fight different diseases.

All people are advised to eat the three food groups to be strong and healthy. Furthermore, excercise is needed to reduce some lifestyle diseases such as obesity.

According to the source, one patient have shocked the surgeons after 5 kilograms of metals were recovered from his body. It has been reported that, the said man whose name have not been revealed for confidentiality, was rushed to Klaipeda University Hospital after complaining about abdominal pain. An X-ray was conducted and showed that he had pieces of metals in his stomach.

To remove these pieces of metals, the doctors were forced to do operation whereby they recovered metals which includes, nuts, knives and screw. Furthermore, the doctors revealed that, the patient started this behaviour of swallowing metal some few weeks ago after stopping drinking alcohol. He is now in good conditions.

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Klaipeda University Hospital


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