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Avoid Doing A lot Of Exercises If You Are Suffering From Coronary Artery Disease

Exercise is very important in our lives. It make our body to be healthy and makes the muscles of a person to be strong. There are many different types of exercises like jogging, skipping rope, running short distances and press ups. These exercises are essential as improves the blood circulation in the body. Further more they reduce alot of fat and makes someone to be physically fit.Before you decide to do any exercise make sure you do some warm-up activities. Warm-up activities are very important because they reduces chances of accidents or tearing of body tissue. Also if you have heart problems, it is good to avoid these exercises because you are risking your life. There are many case reported where people have lost there life after an exercise. Coronary artery disease is very dangerous and if you are suffering from it make sure you avoid alot of exercise. You may collapse and die instantly. Be safe and eat healthy food rich in calcium and phosphorus to strengthen you bones. What are your views?

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