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Side Effects of Eating at Your Desk at Work

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Many people are guilty of not taking time to get off their desks to go for lunch. This they believe that will save them time by not leaving the work area to quickly grab something to eat before continuing with their work. What most people do not know is that it may have negative impacts on your health in various ways. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is advisable that you live your desk for as long as possible and spend 15-30 minutes to mindfully eat your food during lunch break. 

For those who have up to about an hour for lunch, it is advisable that you eat for thirty minutes and spend the remaining 30 minutes to walk around and meditate. 

Here are the side effects of eating at your desk at work;

1. You are likely to eat faster

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When eating at your desk, all people tend to think about is work and try to eat faster and get back to the day’s assignments. Eating faster may lure you to eat more and take away the time to enjoy your meal as you eat your food. Distracted eating at the desk whether at home during this pandemic or in the office can result into bad habits and poor health. 

2. You are likely to eat fast foods

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Eating at your desk could mean that you go for convenience foods such as bag of chips. Most of these foods may be unhealthy as they contain more fats and salt. Other foods that you may go for is what was left during a previous meal that you either carried to your work place and did not warm or just hurry to the kitchen and munch it at home because you do not have time to warm. 

3. You will walk less

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For many people, the only time you get out of the desk is during lunch break. Failing to take this opportunity could mean that you spend the whole time on your desk something that may harm your health. It may seem unimportant but the few steps may increase blood circulation and improve your health. 

4. Increased stress levels

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When you leave your desk to go out to grab a meal, you get the chance to drop everything that involves work. Taking your mind off the assignments can lower your stress levels as you will get back to work refreshed. 

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