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Does Mosquitoes Bother You? See What To Do To Keep Them Away Naturally

Mosquitoes are dangerous insects that are capable of transmitting malaria disease which kill a lot of people every year worldwide. Malaria can attack anyone although expectant women and children under the age 5 years are the ones who are in a higher risk of infections. Mosquitoes can be killed used artificial insecticides like doom which are always found locally in almost every shops near us.

Apart from these insecticides, mosquitoes can also be kept away using herbal plants that can be planted in the gardens. They include:

1. Peppermint

Peppermint is a natural herbal plant that produces a great smell which can provide refreshment in the house. However, this refreshing smell always repels mosquitoes hence keeping them away. Therefore, plant peppermint around the house to prevent entry of mosquitoes.

2. Basil

Basil is also a natural herb that is always used in cooking to add flavour to foods because of their great smell. However, this great smell from the basil is capable of repelling mosquitoes because they don't like it.

3. Marigold

This plant have yellowish flowers and contain Pyrethrum which is a property that is always used in making insecticides. Marigold also have an insect repulsive smell which means they can keep away mosquitoes.

4. Lavender

This is a plant that have beautiful purple flowers which always make the garden look great. Marigold also provides a fragrance that can keep mosquitoes away therefore controlling them.

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