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Best Solutions To Suicidal Thoughts By Mental Health Professionist Dr Kimani

Today, Ziwa TV hosted one of the doctors who tackle problems associated with mental illnesses.Dr Kimani says that stress and depression are amongst the causes of the unnecessary suicidal incidences being experienced in the courtesy-Liz kinyajui(left),Dr Kimani(right)

He says that people pile anger that later drives people into suicidal thoughts.The doctor claims that the current problem can be solved.

Firstly, he says that "thought train" can be modified by engaging in optimistic and positive thoughts.He says that people should avoid idleness that creates a room recall the painful moments in life.

Secondly, the counselor says that loneliness contributes to suicidal thoughts.He says that involving in conversation with other people solves the mental problems to an appreciable extent.

Dr Kimani advises people to seek professional counselling once they find that they have evil or disturbing thoughts.

The doctor says that enough sleep is essential for mental health.He says that having enough sleep enables a person to refresh his or her thinking.

Dr Kimani urges the society and the families to assist their fellows whom they note unusual behaviours.He says that listening to people problems gives them hope and raises their self-esteem.He says that concerted efforts by people in the society could save lives of many people suffering from psychological torture.

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