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Positive and Negative Effects of Bhang

Bhang has been a major drug and is known by many people. However its commonly known for its negative effects.

Bhang is used for both medicinal and recreation. The benefits include:

1. Paste from Bhang is added to food and drinks.

2.It can be mixed with sugar and ghee( indian butter).

3.Helps prevent nausea.

4. Reduces pain.

5.Helps in Weight loss.

6.Reduce muscle spasms and seizures.

7.Offer protection against cancer.

8.Improve sleep.

9.Increase appetite.

Most of its positive benefits is for medical purposes.

However Bhang is also dangerous to human when consumed carelessly. Its highly harmful to children, pregnant women, adolescents and while nursing. Smoking also causes blood cannabinoid levels to peak within 15 to 30 minutes.

It has psychoactive effects: affects the working of brain and nervous system. Too much of bhang may also cause death.

It has been a motion in most countries to decide whether to publicly legalize it or not. Whats your Opinion?

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