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Expert Reveals How Well The Covid- 19 Vaccines Really Work And Why You Should Take It

Breakthrough cases of COVID- 19 among completely immunized individuals are uncommon, and the vaccines continue to work well in preventing variants. Breakthrough infectious diseases of the novel coronavirus among completely immunized individuals are still uncommon, indicating that the COVID- 19 vaccines are still effective in preventing COVID- 19. Are COVID- 19 vaccines still effective?

According to Dr. Monica Gandhi, a contagious disease expert and professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, the latest communication about the COVID- 19 vaccine may be creating panic among both completely immunized and unimmunized individuals. " We may have been sending a notification that the vaccines aren't functioning very well, which can frighten the vaccinated but doesn't make the unvaccinated consider they should receive a vaccine, " Gandhi said.

" Immunized individuals are extremely well shielded against serious illnesses. . . " " I believe we need to be much more optimistic, " she stated. Indeed, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention unveiled official statistics last week demonstrating that the COVID- 19 vaccines safeguard against coronavirus, including the delta variant.

The statistics revealed how COVID- 19 spread from April 4 to July 17. Here' s a summary of the COVID- 19 figures:

Not fully immunized: Among the 569, 142 (ninety- two per cent) COVID- 19 cases, 34, 972 (ninety- two per cent) hospitalizations, and 6, 132 (ninety- one per cent) COVID- 19- associated deaths.

Fully immunized people: 46, 312 (eight per cent) cases, 2, 976 (eight per cent) hospitalizations, and 616 (nine per cent) deaths.

According to the Center for Disease Control, individuals who are not completely immunized have a fivefold increased risk of infection, a tenfold increased risk of hospitalization, and a more than tenfold increased risk of death from COVID- 19. Dr. William Melah, a senior medical official at St. Claire Health Care in Morehead, Kentucky, told CNN that the vaccine is causing individuals to panic, which is absolutely pointless.

"I believe there is a big spike of fear right now, and these individuals are afraid of a vaccine that could save their lives— and that is why they are in the medical facility right now, " he told reporters.

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