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Ideal Sleeping Positions for People Recovering from Surgery

After surgery, it is not only important to consider your diets but also you will need to embrace some sleeping positions. For the surgery to heal faster, one will need to avoid some sleeping positions at all costs.

Most doctors will advise you to avoid some vices but will not tell you the ideal positions for you after the surgery. In this article, we will spell out the positions and why they are important in your recovery process.

1. Sleeping on your back

There are many benefits that come with sleeping on your back as it prevents neck pain especially if you sleep with your head elevated with a pillow. While it is said to be a dangerous position when suffering from back pains, it is likely to lessen surgery pains and boosts the healing process.

It is best for people recovering from hip, knee, leg, and spine surgery. For support, make sure you sleep with a pillow on your head.

2. Sleeping on your side

It is associated with fewer joint and back pains. After spine surgery, you will need to sleep on your side to avoid post-procedural complications.

Again, when sleeping on this position, you will need a pillow to protect the spine against any damage. Tuck the pillow between your knees for betterment. When trying to change position to the left or right side, be careful so that you don't end up causing more pain.

3. Sleeping on your stomach

This is another best position for people recovering from surgery. Sleeping on your stomach has been viewed as the worst position especially if you have back, shoulder, and joint pains but the best if you consider some factors.

If you need to sleep on this position, you will need two pillows for ultimate support. Remember to place one pillow under your chest and another one under the hips to attenuate the pressure on your low back.

Content created and supplied by: SamMunyaka (via Opera News )


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