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I Tried Mixing Rat Poison with Iodine and Yoghurt to Take After Misdiagnosis of Aids

A woman who identifies herself in the court by the name AWM, says that she went to Thika Level Five hospital with her husband of 22 years to get tested for HIV. The result came out that she was positive while her husband free of the disease. This was as at 2nd March, 2018.

After the scene, the husband ran away while with her, she was forced to take the ARVs.

After nine months she went for another test and found herself HIV negative. This was a surprise and appeared impossible. She later carried out several tests in 2019 and got similar results.

She says that at the time of misdiagnosis, she was working as a food vendor and as a result of the stigmatization she lost all her customers and her business was largely affected. She admitted that she tried to mix the rat poison with iodine and yoghurt in an attempt to take her life after her husband ran away.

It's from 2019 HIV test that she sued the health center in the court for what she confirmed was a wrong HIV diagnosis and subsequent treatment for a disease that doesn't exist. (

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