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Hazardous reason why you should never take sleeping pills.

You have probably heard stories of people who slept as healthy people and never woke up. These sudden deaths can be caused by some sleeping habits that you should know and avoid them. This will save you from such kind of deaths.

These habits include:

1) Sleeping while chewing food substances. Avoid sleeping while eating as this could choke you do death. Make sure you swallow food completely before going to bed.

2) Before going to bed make sure to take off necklaces from your neck. Some necklaces may straggle you to death while sleeping. Take them off for the night.

3) Taking excess sleeping pills. If a doctor had prescribed sleeping pills, be careful not to take an overdose. These pills slows down the nervous system and in an overdose they may cause a cardiac arrest with consequent death.

These three habits are dangerous and should be avoided. Share when you see it.

Content created and supplied by: DaphneFields (via Opera News )


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