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What Too Much Milk Can Do To The Brain Of Unborn Child Which Many People Have No Idea About.

Even though milk is very important to human health and the developing baby, too much consumption of it is very dangerous to the developing baby. Pregnant Women should limit the amount of milk that they consume every moment to ensure the safety of their unborn child.

We've known about the nutrient-richness of milk for long, especially as a primary source of nutrition for infants. It is a valuable source of calcium, vitamin D and protein. In fact, USDA recommends pregnant women to consume at least three cups of milk or other dairy products every day. Previous studies have linked consumption of milk during pregnancy to taller, healthier children with better IQ. But, this latest study conducted at the University of Auckland reveals something rather surprising.

A study out today in the New Zealand medical journal suggests pregnant women who drink too much milk may be putting their babies' brain development at risk.

The researchers say while milk is an important source of calcium for mums-to-be, thousands of babies are born with iron deficiencies as a result.

Mother of three Rachel Leitch went out of her way to up her milk intake while pregnant - and five week old Sophie is a bundle of health.

But the new study suggests drinking three or more glasses a day could affect a little one's brain development.

Pregnant Women are therefore advice to take precautions before consuming large amount of milk per day. Despite milk being important to human health since it contains several nutrients that helps in development of the baby, too much of it can as well harm the brain of the baby.

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