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Concurrent Version System Limit Purchases Un Children's Pain-Relief Medicine Amid Surge In Demand

Concurrent Version System CVS and Walgreens an online drug store and pharmacy have put limits on children's pain-relief medicine this is after Increased in demand of the commodity, the companies spoke to CNN on Monday.

On the other hand manufacturers of these scarce medications say that they are not sure when the scarcity might end asthat they are working at full capacity to ensure that they can seal the gap.

Doctors and other experts say the problem could persist through the cold-and-flu season and winter but it will not take longer as other previous shortages of prescription drugs or baby formula.

Concurrent Version System (CVS) is restricting both online and in-person purchases to two children’s pain relief products. Walgreens has also limited online purchases to six purchases of children’s over-the-counter for fever reducing products. That limit does not apply in their stores.

The shortage is due to spike in other respiratory illnesses and the annual U.S. flu season that has resulted to surge in demand for pain-relievers.

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