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4 Medical Benefits Of Eating Pumpkin Leaves

Many people in Kenya, particularly men, enjoy eating a lot of meat, particularly nyama Choma.

It is not harmful to eat meat, but for health reasons, individuals should limit their meat consumption and focus on these green vegetables known as pumpkin leaves, also known as 'risosa' in Ekegusii.

Greens, especially these leaves, have more favorable side effects than meat. That is why, today, we have published a study that demonstrates the health benefits of eating 'risosa.'

The leaves of the pumpkin are long, smooth, and green in color. They have spongy prickly fibers and are covered in both the stem and leaves, which must be removed before cooking.

The health benefits of eating pumpkin leaves are numerous.

1. Increases male fertility

It aids in the healing of any testicular injury as well as increasing spermatogenesis. Infertility sufferers will benefit from it as well.

2. Fight against cancer

There is a link between the consumption of fiber-rich foods and the risk of cancer, according to research. This is because foods strong in fiber are also high in vitamins and minerals, and as you may know, all of these are necessary for cancer prevention.

3. It aids in the reduction of cholesterol.

Many people around the world are affected by cholesterol. People who suffer from these issues should consume a lot of pumpkin leaves, which contain a lot of fiber. This fiber can aid in the reduction of bile acid and cholesterol absorption from the small intestine, lowering high levels of cholesterol in the body.

4. Aids in the improvement of eye health

Vitamin A and C, as well as zinc and beta carotene, are abundant in pumpkin leaves. The minerals found in these leaves are beneficial to eye health.

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