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Health Benefits Of Blood Donation

Blood donation should be a voluntary and selfless act. If you have never donated blood in your life or are a first-time donor, here are some of the benefits you should know about;

1• Reduces risk of cancer_Free-radical damage in your body is responsible for cancer. Free-radical damage is also the reason for ageing. When you donate blood once a year, you can be at a lower risk of being affected by cancer be it liver, lung, throat or colon cancer. This is, however, dependent on your other lifestyle habits.

1• Free-of-cost blood Screening _ Before your blood is sent to the blood bank it will have to be screened or tested for diseases such as Syphilis, HIV, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B and others. Not only do these tests help medical professionals avoid transfusing infected blood to patients but will also let you know sooner if you are suffering from any disease. In such cases, if you have personal health insurance, you can check if any of these conditions are covered so that you can get suitable medical treatment.

3•Helps burn excess calories_ If you are a regular blood donor, over a period of time, it can help you maintain healthy body weight. Blood donation, in no way, should be a weight loss plan for anyone.

4•Curbs chances of heart diseases _ Heart patients are not allowed to donate blood. However, blood donation can help reduce your chances of developing heart diseases in the later stages of life. But there may be many other reasons why you may develop any cardiac conditions, and so, solely donating blood may not get you the result you want.

5• Gives the donor satisfaction_Each of the three components in your blood can help save a life, which means with every donation, you are helping three people. If you donate blood, it should be out of your free will and it should give you a sense of satisfaction. Knowing that you can help so many people by enduring just a prick of a needle can make you feel great about yourself

•Things to Remember Before a Blood Donation;

• Before you donate blood or even otherwise, on a regular basis, you will need to keep yourself healthy in all ways possible. While it may seem like a lot, a simple but healthy lifestyle will not just help during the blood donation but will also aid in improving the quality of life.

• It is recommended that you should not drink or smoke a few days before the donation. Ideally, avoid drinking or smoking at all since the traces remain in the blood for a long time.

• Avoid having fat-rich foods a few days before donating blood. Any street food should also be avoided in case you suffer a stomach infection.

•Be sure to get some fresh air, sunlight and exercise on a daily basis. Though this is beneficial for your blood, your overall mental and physical health will also be good.

• If you hurt yourself and suffer a minor injury, see the doctor immediately. The wound should be treated at the earliest so that there is no infection.

That's is all for today on the benefits of donating blood and what to do before blood donation. Thanks for reading my article please share.

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