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Mike Sonko Offers To Fly Baby Sagini To China To Get Eye Implants

Sonko issues Sh200,000 reward for suspects in Sagini case

Mike Sonko, a former governor of Nairobi, has promised to assist a 3-year-old kid whose eyes were gouged out in Marani, Kisii county, in getting specialized care overseas.

Sonko claimed to have located a facility in Shenzhen, southeast China, that specializes in eye implants and could take care of Junior Sagini's situation in a statement on Monday, December 19.

Online data reveals that the establishment known as Dennis Lam Eye Hospital has been carrying out successful eye implants for a long.

Sonko claimed to have spoken to the hospital and briefed medical personnel about Baby Sagini's situation. Before scheduling an appointment, the hospital reportedly told the former county chief that he need obtain a recommendation from at least two Kenyan hospitals.

Sonko stated that attempts are being made to transport the youngster to Nairobi for evaluation and advice from local ophthalmologists and eye experts before he is authorized to fly to China for the procedure.

Sonko said, adding that he was in discussions with leaders from the Kisii region about his plans, "I have this afternoon conducted thorough research on which is the best hospital that can at least attend to Baby Sagini's emergency case." Sonko discovered that Shenzhen, South China, has a facility called Dennis Lam Eye Hospital that performs eye implants.

"However, after speaking with the hospital, we learned that Baby Sagini needed a recommendation from at least two Kenyan medical facilities. We went ahead and scheduled a review appointment for him with Doctor Kishor at Westlands Laser Eye Hospital (7031122233) on Wednesday, December 21, 2022 " he added.

He claimed to have also asked the Nairobi County Government to suggest Mbagathi Hospital eye doctors to conduct a separate evaluation of Baby Sagini.

Then, he continued, "[we] will transmit the two reports to China, after which [we] will collaborate and plan with Kisii officials to fly him to C-MER (Shenzhen) Dennis Lam Eye Hospital in South China for implants.

Sonko said that although the implants don't restore the kid's eyesight, they do come with navigation sensors that will enable the boy navigate on his own in familiar environments.

The implants, he continued, "are a step toward fitting the youngster with artificial eyes that will look and move more naturally like normal eyes, but do not restore eyesight.

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