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Is This The New Side Effect Of Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine?

Scientists allover the world are still trying to study efficacy of available COVID-19 vaccines and their side effects. While it is easy to monitor short term effects, long term effects require time and substantial data.

Due to shortage of AstraZeneca vaccine and banning of importation of Sputinik vaccine to Kenya, the country is looking for alternative vaccines. Through the ministry of health, the government has said that it will import Pfizer and Johnson& Johnson vaccines. AstraZeneca Vaccine shortage has been brought by India unwillingness to export it to other countries as it battles a surge of domestic cases.

A study done by researchers in Israel has shown that shingles may be a side effect associated with Pfizer vaccine. According to the study, the rashes are five times more likely to happen after the first dose compared to the second dose. The shingles mostly affect people with autoimmune diseases according to the study.

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