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New Japanese Inventions That will Make Your Day

As per now, Japan is the home to many progressive innovative inventions. The Asian nation has unusual and shocking things you need to be aware of. This is the list that shows the new inventions.

Eyedrop glasses

In Japan, there are eyedrop glasses that help to put medication directly into your eyes. The eyedrop glasses have solved the problems of spilling out the medication.

Canned food bar

In Japan, restaurants have a great variety of food. However, all the food including liquor is canned.

Muscle shirt

The muscle shirt in Japan acts as a bodybuilder. So, you have no time of going to the gym, in order to look fit and muscular.

Jeans with a cat tail

The jeans with a cat tail helps you, when you are playing with your pet. Your cat will enjoy following you around.

Remote control mop

In Japan, there is a remote control mop. This remote control mop helps you to clean the house without straining at all.

Animal stool with a tail

The unique stool in Japan is very beneficial. This invention has really helped people who are allergic to animals and natural fur.

Bath pillow and smartphone holder

This smart holder allows to use your phone when you are bathing. The bath pillow on the other side keeps you comfortable.

Cucumber shaping tool

The shaping tool helps you to make any shape of cucumber you need.  You can even make a star or heart shaped cucumber.

Head support

The head support is made in the shape of an arm. It can be used if you need to avoid neck pain. The head support also prevents your head from falling down, when you unknowingly fall asleep.

Waterproof book cover

Waterproof book cover protects your favorite book from any damages. The special cover helps you to read even when you are in the bathroom.

Noise straightener

Noise straightener helps you to reshape your nose. You just need to wear it for a few weeks every day.

Scream jar

The scream jar has the ability to release your stress. It silences the loudest screams, thus releasing your stress.

Cat face mask

The cat face mask is an additional beauty function. The mask always looks good for Halloween.

Fake food headband

The fake food headband always reveals your favorite food. It may show a love of fried bacon and eggs.

Toe stretcher

The toe stretcher helps one to relieve foot stress. It also improve blood circulation.

Silver hair dye wax

A silver hair dye wax prevents your hair from turning to grey. The silver hair dye wax is simple and easy, thus it does not damage your hair.

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