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Living Habits

Two habits that will damage your life.

Each one of us wants a good health, in order for us to get the good health that we all desire.

We must make sure that our environment is clean. We must also practice good and proper hygiene, we must also embrace daily exercise in order to get energy and strong body.

There are also some habits that will cost as our lives if caution is not taken, some of the bad habits are:


This is one of the habit that is very dangerous to our health, it interferes with the lungs hence causes much problems to it's users. It can also cause lung cancer and other respiratory diseases.

Not getting enough sleep

sleep is a very important thing in human life, getting a nice sleep is very good for our lives.

Lack of enough sleep can cause some health issues e.g stroke, heart attack, heart failure and this can also weaken your immune system.

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