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Stop consuming these foods for well being of your brain

People have always thought that the brain is the most important part of our bodies. The CPU controls every single function. The brain helps us think, pay attention, and keep a steady heartbeat. As a result, it becomes more important to keep track of what we eat and don't eat.

I'll talk about a few things to avoid because this research has linked them to poor brain function.


Changes in the size of the brain, problems with hormones, and other bad effects are all possible. It makes a vitamin B1 deficiency worse, which has been linked to a type of brain disease called Wernicke's encephalopathy.

Red meat is a type of meat that is commonly eaten in the Kenya.

Eggs and high-fat dairy products may also play a role, but eating meat seems to be the most important link between diet and Alzheimer's disease. "Saturated fat clogs our blood vessels, just as it clogs our cardiovascular system."

According to new research, eating fried foods may make you more likely to get Alzheimer's disease. Researchers say that fried foods' high cholesterol levels slow down the brain.


Even though smoking isn't bad for your health, breathing in smoke can hurt your brain. Some of the ways these things affect a person's mental health are by raising the risk of lung cancer, speeding up aging, and narrowing blood vessels (a blood vessel that is important for brain function).

Fruit juices.

Memory problems may happen if you eat a lot of sugar. Experts say that sugar affects a person's ability to think by changing the good gut bacteria in the microbiome. Neuroscience, a scholarly journal, wrote about the results.

Salty food.

They make your blood pressure go up and make it harder for your heart to work as it should. A diet high in salt lowers IQ and makes it harder to think.

Breads and pastas that are very sophisticated.

A high-refined-carbohydrate diet has been linked to memory loss in both children and adults. Some of the worst foods for your brain are refined breads and pastas. They have few nutrients and no fiber to help with digestion. Instead, they go through your body quickly, raising your blood sugar.

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