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Two Ways To Help Reduce Depression

Did you know that one in two people under 25years today will have experience depression by the age of 60years.Here are two simple ways to help reduce depression.

1.Physical workout.

Years ago people used to work in fields , but today people work out less.This is because people tend to go for pills that cure depression and have terrible side effects,than outdoor physical activities that increase physical health and mental health as well . exercise increases serotonin (the happy hormones) that increases happiness and reduces depression.


It's nessecary to makes sure that you need to feel tired and sleepy at the right time, and that your hormones are produced efficiently at the right time to prevent you from being unexpectedly moody.This is because vitamin D helps set the internal clock of the body.A large number of people have been shown to have a certain level vitamin D diffecieny.This is because, today less people tend to go out for walks in the sun hence high chances of Depression.

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