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He was Born Without Hands but Find Out How He Does His Work with So Much Ease (Photos)

He was Born Without Hands but Find Out How He Does His Work with So Much Ease

Generally, life isn’t easy for a normal man with complete body parts and functions. This is especially when the man has no stable source of income. He struggles to make the ends meet. But it happens when a man is disabled and at the same time has no food and other needs for his family. It is true that disability is not inability but one thing we know is that life isn’t easy for them. God on the other hand do not fail to make them be abled differently that’s doing what a normal man cannot do. Take a look at the man below:

In this article, we meet a man who was born without hands but does his work perfectly as seen in the photos. We all need hands to perform some tasks such as writing, eating, grooming, cleaning, typing and other chores. Some find it difficult to carry out all these tasks even though they have both hands. This man does his work with so much ease until a normal person feel motivated to get up and work. His other body parts have been used to performing tasks meant for the hands. Some of the tasks he does include the following;

He eats with his leg;

He writes with his leg;

He types with his tongue;

He weeds and grips stuffs with his neck;

God has therefore endowed him with so much strength that he can carry out the tasks that a normal human being can do. He is involved in farming since it is the main economic activity in that place. Through farming, he is able to fend himself and the mother. One thing you probably need to know is that he was abandoned by his family i.e. the wife and the son. Therefore, he had to live with his mother with whom they have been struggling to make ends meet. Not every lady will want to associate herself with someone who is abled differently.

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