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Five Ways To Help You Keep Your Heart Healthy

The heart is a very vital organ because it sustains our lives. Many people do not care to go for medical check-ups and yet when it comes to the heart, regular checkups are important so that in case of any problem, it is dealt with early enough. With that said, allow me to delve into five ways you can keep your heart healthy.

1) Manage Stress

You cannot completely avoid stress but you can manage it and reduce its detrimental effects on the heart. The major causes of stress among people are work, finances, lifestyle and the people you interact with daily. Always try to find something positive in everything you encounter and be intentional about not letting stress take over your day, mood, and well-being.

2) Have Sufficient Amount of Sleep

Many people are too busy with their lifestyles that they deprive themselves of adequate sleep. For adults, it is recommended you sleep for 7-8 hours uninterrupted. Besides feeling sluggish and yawning the better part of the day, a prolonged insufficient amount of sleep can also cause heart complications and depression.

3) Physical Exercise

Being physically active is good for your heart. Exercise helps you manage your weight, maintain normal blood pressure and generally improves your well-being. Apart from jogging and hitting the gym, doing house chores, garden work and walking is good exercise too. Studies recommend 30-60 minutes of activity daily to keep our hearts healthy.

4) Limit Alcohol Consumption And Do not Smoke

Always try to consume alcohol in moderation but if you do not have the discipline, stop drinking it altogether. According to the Center For Disease Control(CDC), a maximum of 2 drinks a day is recommended for men and for women it is a maximum of 1 drink per day because over-consumption of alcohol has detrimental effects on the heart. With smoking, just avoid it altogether as there is nothing like smoking in moderation.

5) Be in The Company Of Positive People

Many times the people we surround ourselves with have a bearing on the way we think and act. When you interact with positive people, they will influence your mental health positively. If one is mentally healthy, the heart will in turn be healthy. A healthy mind equals a healthy body, so they say.

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