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Best Food For Vegetarians

There are a lot of great source of protein for all Vegetarians out there, which you can add in your diet accordingly to your goal of muscle gain or fat loss or just to eat a good protein rich diet for a healthy lifestyle. These are some proven benefits of adding protein in your diet, again the quantity of protein will vary from person to person.

1. Chick peas and lentils; eating these food you will get good protein, again try to vary your lentils every day and for some days have a different one everyday.

2.whey protein; it is a must required supplement if you are a vegetarian as one scoop of good quality. Whey protein is a supplement that is made of milk only, when the cheese is made the liquid left behind while processing is called whey which is supper rich in protein.

3. Milk; it is the best source of protein, which is whey protein is made up of milk only. Therefore these are some of the best protein sources that you can add in your diet if you are vegetarian, just keep the balance and good amount of protein according to your goal which is again different for everyone.

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