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What Doctor Urged Men Not To Do To Their Expectant Wives For The Safety Of The Mother And The Unborn

Special groups in the society includes: expectant mothers, lactating mothers (nursing mothers), infants, invalids (sick), convalescents (persons recovering from illness), HIV and AIDS patients, diabetics, manual workers, elderly people (aged) and vegetarians.

These groups of people they need to be given special diet because their bodies lack some nutrients. Besides that, they also require special attention due to their weak conditions. They should be safeguarded out of dangers.

According to Doctor Ignatius Kibe on his live discussion on TV 47, he urged men to avoid visiting their side chicks when their wives are expecting. According to his reasonings, he mentioned that when a man visit another lady and both engaged in love affairs minus using the protections, the man may carry the bacteria from the side chick to his wife. This may bring the infections to the mother and can also affect the baby during the parturition.

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