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'You Don't Have To Take Your ARVS Daily, We Now Have Injectables.' Top HIV Activist Reveals.

Doreeen Muracha is one of the leading HIV Activist in Kenya. Doreeen was born with HIV and was diagnosed with HIV when she was just eight years old. However Doreeen has managed to live as the undetectable queen of HIV Virus and she just recently turned to twenty nine years.

Doreen's major role as a top HIV Activist is to give any updated information in regards to Upcoming ARV regimen and and any new scientific findings in relation to HIV. Doreen also urges people to stick to their ARV regimen so as to remain undetectable. Doreen also educates people and creates awareness on how to remain negative if you are negative.

Today Doreen has Revealed that people living with HIV may not have to take their ARVS Daily because currently research has introduced injectable ARVs that you go for an injection every two months. Doreeen however Revealed that the injectables are currently in developed countries and are yet to come to Kenya. Doreeen Revealed that she has talked about injectable ARVs on her You Tube page. See Screenshots of Doreen's post below.

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