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High Alert On Corona Virus in Western Region Kenya


At the moment western region has become a hot spot of the Indian strain or variant of Corona virus,kisumu in particular is recording high numbers of the virus above Nairobi and Nakuru.This is an indicator that the virus is at community level.

This numbers in particular have been accelerated by the fact that residence are not taking the containment measure seriously in particular they are not doing the following: not wearing masks, not keeping social distance, not washing hands time to time and eating well balanced meals.

The region is witnessing many death rates at the moment where people are just collapsing and death occurs immediately.A real life case last week on Monday where where two drivers of Nissans Matatu just lost life in a similar circumstances.Death is occurring faster and burial is almost daily.

This virus at the moment seems to spread faster and is more deadly than the earlier variants.People in this areas should know that disaster in waiting will be worse if measures are not taken seriously.The health system as it is cannot accommodate many patients and incase of high number it will be overstretched and a calamity will strike.

The county government of this region should take health matters seriously and invest heavily in infrastructure development and human resource that will be capable of sustaining any eventualities that many occur.

Let all concerned parties work together to see that at the end of day the virus is done completely in the near future.

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